Books I Love!

A few of my favorites!

For Marriage:

My favorite marriage book because it’s easy to read, based on research, and includes practical application.


For Pre-Marriage:

This book, along with the workbooks is a great supplement to premarital counseling.


For Sex:

 A great resource for counter-cultural sexuality & intimacy in marriage.


“Celebration of Sex” is a wonderful book for your nightstand with stand alone chapters on enhancing pleasure and overcoming common hurdles.

For Personal Growth:



For Parenting:

Emotional intelligence is crucial in building successful relationships and social interaction. 


“Sensational Kids” is a  great resource for parents with kids with sensory processing issues. 

This book has helpful information on what to teach your kids about sex at each stage of development. 

For Singles:

A wonderful resource for exploring single sexuality and boundaries within dating. 

For Affair Recovery:



For women who have experienced betrayal. 

For Sexual Addiction Recovery:

    A great resource for all men.    A great resource for women recovering from sexual addiction.

For Abuse Recovery:


This is my favorite book on healing from abuse. It covers all types of abuse, and is so helpful for understanding abuse and the profile of abusers, and healing the wounds of shame.

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